3 Presentation Trends for 2015

Out with the old and in with the new. Here are 3 trends to take your presentations from stale to sparkling in 2015. Fire those fuddy-duddy fonts, kiss boring bullet points goodbye, and make your story visual.





1. Fantastic fonts

In 2015, as our screens become bigger with better quality displays, larger and bolder typography will be used more frequently to emphasise content over aesthetic. These simplified and readable fonts will grab your audience’s attention from the very first slide.

Expect to see more of the current Flat Design trend in presentations this year. Flat design favours function over form, and continues to prove its popularity when presented as uppercase white text on a solid colour or photographic background. Use flat design fonts to enhance simplistic, minimalistic and intelligently designed presentations.

2015 will see more Handwritten fonts being used in presentations. The irregular letter size and weight of handwritten fonts will lend a more authentic and personalised feel to your slides, as well as add a personal touch to your brand.

2. Bye-bye bullet points

While bullet points have always been considered a hard rule in presentation design, the problem with these innocuous little place-keepers is they kill engagement. Here’s how:

  • Your audience is reading bulleted lists from the top
  • And nobody is listening while you’re still talking about the first item on the agenda
  • They already know what’s coming next
  • Which means they won’t listen to the remainder of your presentation either

In 2015, replace this boring old habit with the simplified concept of Less Text, More Pictures. Use thought-leading keywords, or one-word narratives instead of self-explanatory sentences. Place your emotive and engaging text over a provocative (but relevant) full-colour image, and then engage your audience with your story.

3. Faces and places

2015 will see more of a moodboard approach to presentations that will connect with audiences on an emotional level. Thanks to platforms like Pinterest, visualising ideas has never been easier, and using high-impact, high-quality full-colour photography in presentations is becoming the standard.

Avoid the anonymous feel of pretty backgrounds and get personal. Opt for interesting and unusual shots of faces, places, landscapes and cityscapes that evoke emotion in your audience.

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