5 Unexpected Reasons How Microsoft Office Templates Make You Money

With other design software out there, you might be asking, is Microsoft Office still relevant and how can templates make a difference?

While we are a little biased, the truth is that 83% of enterprises use Microsoft office as their default productivity tool. 

That means that since most of the documents companies will create in 2022 will be in MSO, the templates have a direct impact on the work you do every single day. 

What if you could still keep using MSO but your collateral would look like it’s been done by a graphic designer? 

While there is no doubt that this change would result in an improved image, can it impact the revenue of your business? Read this article to discover how. 

1. Focus On What Matters With Improved Efficiency

Microsoft Office templates aren’t only attractive. They are fully adjustable, easy to navigate, and accessible to the whole team. 

While creating a template with advanced built-in capabilities is not an easy task, after the initial work is done, you can start creating stunning documents in a matter of minutes. 

Once you have the structure done for you, you can use the templates as a starting point for your proposals or reports without having to worry about formatting or trying to reinvent the structure every single time. 

This means that the templates will save you and your team valuable time, frustrating moments, and wrinkle-inducing hours spent trying to manually update different design elements of the document. 

This streamlines the workflow for your team and allows them to focus on what matters. 

2. Nail Your Marketing With Effortless Brand Consistency

Even though we all know that it’s the inside that counts, everybody judges the book by its cover. 

Including your company.

When you can use Microsoft templates for putting together reports, submissions, proposals, or tenders, all the collateral you produce is on brand and looks like it’s been created by a graphic designer in InDesign. 

This improves your brand consistency with a uniform style and enhances the reputation of your business. The material then acts as an effective marketing strategy that impresses your potential and existing clients. 

3. Gain Competitive Edge 

Properly built, robust Microsoft Office templates  provide further benefits by enhancing the professionalism, accuracy and functionality of the material. 

Because the documents are templated, it is easy to spot mistakes or missing elements. This creates a streamlined process for simple proposals as well as 100-page reports.

Forget the poorly built templates that glitch. 

Nobody wants to use templates that create more problems than they solve. Our professional templates are built properly so that they’re easy to use and your team will love using them. 

Swap the soul-sucking formatting process for better accuracy, more flexibility, coherent style, and a competitive edge in your industry. 

4. Save Money On Outsourcing

When using Microsoft Office for everything your company produces, it’s wildly unrealistic, and not at all cost-effective, to engage a graphic designer for every piece. 

By providing clients with stunning templates, we are handing back the power to you and your team, who will feel confident and empowered to produce impressive documents in a fraction of the time they’re used to.

Since our templates are fully editable and flexible, you could trust everyone at your company to create beautiful collateral without the need for a degree in graphic design or an understanding of creative software.

5. Buckle Up For Scalable Growth

The beauty of well-built Microsoft Office templates is that they will future-proof your company and can be used for years. 

By establishing these processes early, everyone in the team will be able to create documents in line with your branding strategy while taking pride in creating them. 

Every time a new member is added to the team, they are able to jump on board more quickly since the templates make the whole process easy and straightforward.

The consistent brand strategy, better marketing, competitive edge, less unnecessary outsourcing and simplified processes increase revenue, enable scalable growth, make you look professional while allowing you to focus on what really matters.