5 ways to guarantee audience engagement

Are you preparing an inspiring keynote? An AGM presentation or a request for more budget? Or a persuasive new sales pitch? We know some secrets to keeping your audience interested and getting your message across during any presentation…

1. Lead with an inspiring statement
Give your audience a really good reason to listen to what you have to say from the very start. Choose a statement that’s relevant to them as well as the overall point you want to make.

2. Tell the audience what will happen next
It’s human nature to want to know what to expect, and this is especially important in a lengthy presentation. By telling people a little about your presentation, how long it will be and any key steps along the way, you can help them relax and enjoy what you have to share.

3. Keep presentation segments to 20 minutes
To keep their attention, structure your presentation into segments of no more than 20 minutes each. Change the pace between each segment – this could be as simple as showing a video or animation, involving them in an activity or giving them a break to stand and stretch.

4. Include a mixture of visuals and words in short sentences
We think in pictures as much as words. To keep them focused on understanding your message, mix your points with highly engaging and relevant images.

5. Always give a context to the points you are making
Presentations are not just about delivering your message, you need to tell a story about it to give your statements some context. Otherwise it can be dry and dull, and also open to misinterpretation. If it’s a sales presentation, give some examples of what those benefits have meant to your customers. If it’s an AGM, illustrate your financials with descriptions of your products and services or projects in action.

Whether your presentation’s purpose is to inform, or inspire action or change, Ideaseed can help you get that message across. We can make it possible to wow your crowd, and achieve the business outcomes you need.

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