6 Predicted Graphic Design Trends for 2022

After the unpredictable year that was 2021, we are stepping into 2022 with an abundance
of optimism and positivity. This is being reflected in predicted graphic styles for next year.
Expect to see bold colours, bright designs, vibrancy and a strong nod to the environment.
Global issues and trends will be played out on our screens. We’ve picked some design styles
that we think we’re going to see more and more of as 2022 progresses.

1. Minimalism
Yes, we know we’re contradicting ourselves talking about bold, vibrant colours and leading
with minimalism – but hey, it is what it is. And minimalism is going to be big next year.
Simple lines, simple pictures, simple messaging, nothing over complicated or confusing to
the consumer.

Less is More

2. Animation
Animation simplifies concepts, holds attention and is successful in telling stories. Expect to
see it everywhere, particularly in social media, where there’ll continue to be lots of


3. Optical illusion
Remember the blue dress v’s the yellow dress? The viral illusion of 2015 (Yes! It was that
long ago)? It caught the world’s attention, and we all noticed it, including designers.
Designers are working hard in holding consumer attention in a cluttered space. One great
tool is to surprise the consumer – surreal images can do that. At first glance they might
seem incomprehensible but look again, think again and you’ll find meaning.

4. Retro style
Because of the year that was, there’s been a lot of nostalgia for the ‘good old days’. 90’s
aesthetics are especially relevant, simple lines and simple figures in drawings. On the same
theme, there’s a definite move away back to more natural, unfiltered style photography on
social media.

retro style

5. Nature
Designs have already started embracing environmental themes. Plant elements, leaf shapes,
greenery and wooded tones have crept into design in 2021, we expect to see a lot more of
this style. From packaging to food, consumers are striving for environmentally friendly
solutions, and this will be reflected in how brands communicate.

6. Emoticons
They’re going nowhere! In fact, we’re going to see more of them. They will be everywhere.
Apparently, we love them! They’re cute, fun, inoffensive, increase engagement and
happiness. Brands are latching on, and we’re eating it up. You heard it here first, 2022 might
just be the year of the emoticon.

Check back here in 2023 to see if we were right!