As the Global Economy Goes, So Goes Your Desktop Publishing?

First the world economy was in a recession, and then it began recovering…kind of. This is a global economy that is having fits and starts. The question is: could you say the same thing when describing your company’s desktop publishing efforts?

Desktop publishing is a creative endeavour. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Like any creative endeavour, you will have times when you’re bursting with ideas whilst others you’re ready to toss your computer, along with yourself, right out the window. What to do?

Begin by taking a load off and letting a professional take over. Professional designers are an idea bank that are out to save Marcomms managers from going prematurely grey and wrinkly by injecting uninspired business collateral with ideas and creativity. You or your staff may well be out of creative ideas, but the professional designer has a savings account full of them, compounded daily.

There was some concern that the exponential growth of PowerPoint users would put the professional presentation designer in the unemployment line. But as technology has added more and more sophisticated features to software programs, the pro not only kept working but continued to hone their skills and became even more in demand. You see, great ideas can be turned into reality with the latest and greatest software including Powerpoint Broadcast Slideshow, and the newest Adobe Photoshop Touch Apps. It’s a designer’s job to be on the pulse of all new design goodies and gadgets which leads to great benefits for the client.

Marketing is not fluff any way you look at it. It’s as important as the capital investment in equipment or the new product design in the works. In fact, it may be more important because without marketing who will know you even have a new product to sell? Desktop publishing (and design in general) creates marketing material that is your lifeline to new customers and sales. Which is why it is so important to trust your business image and branding to the guys who do this for a living.

You wouldn’t take your car to be serviced at Mcdonalds would you?