Big data

big data ideaseed blog post

Last week we talked about Infographics as a great alternative to presenting data. These are becoming more popular as we move away from the standard table and chart format – and praise the lord for that!

Another new buzzword in business reporting is big data.

What is big data?

Big data is the huge traffic of information available in our digital age. This comes from online sources such as social media, market data, traffic data, transaction records, music and video downloads.

Big data if used correctly will be very powerful for businesses big and small. It will enable businesses to be more agile, more efficient and more competitive.

Agile – stay connected to your clients and customers easier through social media.

Efficient – store and share your company knowledge on cloud servers to enable easy access any time, any place for a truly mobile, collaborative workforce.

Competitive – achieve greater visibility of your competitive landscape and where you can find a niche.

One of the problems we find with big data is information overload and how to make sense of it when presenting it. Data visualisation is key.

As with Infographics, data visualisation involves a graphic presentation of data. How it differs is the scale of data being used and having graphics update automatically with new data as it is available.

Ideaseed have done some great work for clients to incorporate big data and data visualisations into their presentations. This can be feeding live data to refresh charts automatically rather than a manual input. Saves time and headaches!

You can find some some examples of our work here

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