Branding Myths Busted

When it comes to branding, many myths abound. Ask ten different people what the term branding means, and you will probably hear ten different answers. In broad strokes it can described as what identifies and differentiates a product or service from others. In effect, it’s your promise to your customer.

Here are a few commons myths about branding we’d like to bust:

1. Branding and marketing are synonymous terms

These terms are not interchangeable. Marketing is all about promotion. It’s a one-way push tactic; a deliberate look-at-me action. Branding is two-way; it’s a combination of your identity and the way you are perceived. It’s built over time. Marketing is tactical, where branding is strategic. Marketing might attract customers but branding will keep them loyal.

2. Branding is the responsibility of the communications team

Think again! Branding is the responsibility of everyone who works for a company. Each individual plays a role in building and maintaining the company’s identity and image. Staff who work contrary to the company’s desired identity run the risk of damaging its reputation. This in turns hurts the brand.

3. A logo and tagline = brand

A logo and tagline are part of your overall branding, but these elements alone don’t build a brand. Your logo is a recognisable symbol of your brand. It’s imagery that helps conjure up emotions about what you represent. Your tagline helps to clarify and emphasise your concept.

4. I can’t afford branding

Branding isn’t necessarily a matter of splashing around lots of money. It’s about giving considered thought to your “why” and your promise, and then remaining true to them in all you do. It’s as much about the small everyday actions as it is about any full-page feature ad. Quality within any budget is possible, and consistency is key here. To strengthen your brand, always take time to consider if actions, words, products and services fit with the image you wish to portray. Remember that consistency is the long game, and one which will pay off over time.

5. You control branding

In our Why We Love Branding (And You Should Too) post, we described identity as how you’d like to be perceived, and image as how you are perceived. You might have control over the former, but you can only influence the latter. By being clear and consistent with your identity you’ll be able to positively impact your image.

If you’d like to cut through the mythology and learn more about how to build your brand, get in touch with the team at Ideaseed. We’ve been known to bust a myth or two.