How to Deliver a Presentation That “WOWs”

Presentations are an extremely powerful form of communication, if delivered and executed effectively. When delivering information to investors and key decision makers, it’s crucial to put your best foot forward by delivering your message in a way that is memorable.
To help give your presentations a competitive edge, we’ve put together three sharp-shooter tips to ensure your presentation is not only impactful, but gets your message across:

1. Consistency

Our brains are hardwired to recognise symmetry. Just like your website or promotional material, presentations are a key tool to connect with your audience and reinforce your brand.

When creating a presentation template, utilise your business’s style and brand guidelines to ensure your audience has a consistent experience. At a bare minimum, this should include the same fonts, colour palette, and logo.

Stick to your brand’s personality and overall tone to ensure uniformity and allow your audience to connect with your brand.

By utilising similar elements throughout your presentation, the consistent flow will allow your audience to focus on the information presented, while encouraging brand familiarity and showcasing professionalism.

2. Story tell, visually

Which of these appeals to you most:

  • a recipe list of milk, sugar, flavour, and colouring along with a photo of a scoop of ice cream, or
  • a tale of how a father took his daughter to the beach on a hot summer day, spending the afternoon with scoops of chocolate chip ice cream in waffle cones, and splashing in the waves?

Our brains crave connections. We process and learn information through a combination of words and visual concepts. So instead of presenting lines of content on a slide, draw out key ideas from them and provide visuals to your narrative.

Keep your audience engaged using a mix of auditory and visual cues: a story.

By telling a story that balances written, visual and emotional content, you’ll be able to build a powerful presentation that educates and connects with your audience. The result could be inviting your audience to see your ideas the way you do, instead of your ideas getting lost in the detail.

3. Want that wow-factor?

We’ve all sat through them – the dull presentations that go on, and on, and on, where the audience’s attention and focus slips away.

You only have around 7 seconds to capture your audience’s attention at the beginning of the presentation – and that’s being generous.

So make first impressions count, and take it up a notch by creating a transformative, customised, yet fully editable presentation.

For example, picture this. A live Twitter feed embedded into your slides to show real time ideas trending for large conference presentations, explaining a complex concept through a short animated film, or engaging your audience with a simple shareable infographic.

Deliver a presentation that will truly wow your audience by completing it with a cohesive presentation design that will drive your brand’s message home.

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