Does your annual report work as hard as you do?

Dear [Name],

Get smart with your annual report

This month, we’re ready to share the secret other designers don’t want you to know – and why it could make all the difference to your next Annual Report and your bottom line. We’ve also been busy working with our friends at Digitize on some pretty amazing App developments. It’s the perfect platform for your next report, newsletter, conference guide or presentation, but did you know you can also create your own internal management app too? Find out how in our Digitize update.

And if the first few months of 2013 are leaving you breathless, it might be time to let us know what we can take off your To Do list. We even take away the stress of briefing us – you’ll surprised how quickly our collective minds can cut to the essence of what you need.
If you have any questions, or want to bounce some ideas around, give me a call – that’s what Ideaseed is all about.