eBooks on presentation design and tips for the iPad

Presentation designers and regular presenters with an iPad in their back pocket know that iBooks is a beautiful little app. It’s a joy to watch your iBooks bookshelf fill up, and even better browsing the store. Of course, there are a couple of presentation design and motivation books that had better be on that bookshelf (not just the Art of War, which is there for the sole purpose of impressing your dates).

  • The Naked Presenter: Following the success of his Presentation Zen series, Garr Reynolds released this enticingly titled book in November 2010. Reynolds is not just popular for his presentation design tips; he’ll teach you how to present too! Like the Naked Presenter explains, this is about delivering powerful presentations, with or without slides.
  • Resonate: Nancy Duarte is well known for her presentation design book Slide:ology. In her latest book, released in September 2010, she teaches you how to ‘resonate’ with your audience. The best bit – creating STAR moments or Something They’ll Always Remember.
  • The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: Author Carmine Gallo shows you how to inject a little rocket fuel al la Steve Jobs, as he explores the Apple founder’s charismatic on-stage performances. It contains 12 practical rules for the public speaker, some which touch directly on your presentation design.
  • The Non-designer’s Presentation Book: Robin Williams (a graphic designer of the female persuasion and not the actor) gives you some comprehensive presentation design tips, covering all the basics, from your Agenda slide to your wrap-up. The best section of the book in our opinion is the one called ‘Ignore these Rules’.

Did you know: you can also download the free Kindle for iPad app, and browse the Kindle store on for your presentation design and public speaking reading material?