Fantastic Inspiration for your Tender Submission

If you are putting forward a tender proposal then you want a butt kicking, business winning Tender Submission! Why go half way and have the content be fantastic, if it looks a little bleh?

Last week we had a look at what you need to include in your tender submission, and this week I wanted to show you a way to make your submission stand out. You don’t have to do a straight written proposal, especially if the RFP allows you to put your heart and soul into it. You will put a smile on the face of the company receiving your fantastic proposal, and honestly, in our ‘new, new, new’ era, people want to be wowed. So go for it!

However, a word of caution before running off to your creative department screaming and yelling – some companies require a certain proposal format so make sure you read the fine print, and understand what is expected of you.  Also pay some thought to who you are presenting to.  Some companies are more likely to be wowed if you think outside the square while others will prefer the more traditional approach.  Use your instinct and do some research.

So what can you do? Well there are a lot of interesting options, but because writing tenders is a hush hush, secret squirrel type endeavor, I can’t go ahead and give you lots of examples. But I can give you a couple of great ideas to start you off, and then you can use your noggin to come up with some other fun ideas.

    • How you deliver your proposal can make a huge difference. What would stand out more? A plain blue and white printed document landing on your desk, or….a ‘Picnic Box’? Either a real one, or a bespoke printed box. This would be an iterating idea if either your company or the target company is in the food biz. Maybe even send a long a real picnic lunch which they can consume while perusing your proposal. (Although sending food is most likely a ‘no no’.
    • Or how about  a proposal delivered in both digital and printed form?This is a fantastic looking idea that would set your company apart. You are giving the option of reading your proposal on the printed form or on a fancy app, and everyone likes choice.

Fantastic Inspiration for your Tender Submission

    • Now who said you who says need to deliver it in a flat box? A set of ‘drawers’ with an iPad (that contains your proposal), a written version of the book and any other collateral you need to send would standout. If the drawers are interesting enough they could be recycled into something useful afterwards. Hello, marketing anyone?!
    • This is one of my favorites if you aren’t sending a lone an iPad (which is becoming more and more popular and I feel will becoming industry standard sooner rather than later.) A USB drive with fantastic presentation. I would want to plug this puppy in and see what they have to say!


  • But even if you are required to provide your proposal on paper, in a conservative format, it doesn’t need to be boring. Interesting colors, interesting folders. Interesting shape. it all makes a difference.!

Here’s a tip: If the outside (i.e. packaging) of the proposal look is interesting, unusual and has a bit of spunk, then meat of your proposal will stand out and be memorable. Isn’t that what you want?

Have you seen a fantastic looking tender submission, that made you think ‘WOW’?  If not, then maybe you need to get in contact with us, and we can get you there.  Have a squiz at our portfolio, the proof is in the pudding!