Fotalia in Review

So, being a design agency, we often need to trawl through bucketloads of stock imagery to find that perfect pic. Fotalia recently offered us a free trial of their online library (who’d say no to free stock, right?) and sold themselves to us by letting us know that they’re “the largest image bank of free and most affordable royalty free photos and illustrations perfect for any medium, web or print”.

Now, we hate to diss anyone, but whilst their website was easy to navigate, clean and appealing, and they certainly do have a ton of stock (12,278,167 images, vectors and footage at last count) the resulting matches to our searches were a little random and didn’t seem to deliver quite as many results as what we were used to with our other suppliers.

However, we must confess, we didn’t use them as extensively as we could have and perhaps with a little more time (and effort on our behalf) we might have been able to find that winged chihauhua-cross-labrador in a wetsuit with a rose in its mouth and black pearls around its neck.

Or not.

But when there’s love to spread, we’re right there spreading it: the lovely people at Fotalia are keen for the readers of our blog to give their site a go and have offered 2 coupons for the first two interested parties to email us through our website. Each coupon will entitle you to two weeks access to Fotolia and 3 image downloads per day. Something for nothing, anyone? Yes please.