Why You Need Great Copywriting to Get Your Message to The World

Great copywriting is vital if you want the world to receive your message and act on it. We’ve been talking a lot lately about motiongraphics and the marketing power of the moving image, so you might be forgiven for thinking we’d forgotten about the written word.

We speak, hear, and read thousands of words a day. So, for your message to be heard loudly and clearly, you need to choose your words carefully. From simple one-off copywriting pieces to more complex brand communication, every word is important if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Ultimately, you want copywriting to lead to action. You need to entice your audience by conveying your message in an engaging and compelling way that ensures your offer is understood and acted upon.

Working out what you need to say starts with relevant research. Combine that with expert writing that structures the flow, ensures the tone is spot on and highlights the key message you want your audience to walk away with, and you have a recipe for great copywriting.

“The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.” – Maya Angelou

As you know, we’re firm believers in the power of video to reach, inform, and influence. Words help do that even when video is your chosen communication form. From voiceover scripts to video subtexts, enticing words engage your audience and convey your message.

Whatever business communication you produce, make it interesting to read. Ensure a strong message. Close with a call to action (even if it’s just engaging your audience by asking for their opinion).  Great copywriting gets your message (and your brand) to the world. It pays to do it right.

If you’d like some expert copywriting, get in touch with the team at Ideaseed. We work out what you need to say and make sure there’s a key message.