Make your report Sexy! (Yes, it’s possible.)

Ok, so you have a report to write. Your job is to get across a myriad of facts and figures and people should really want to read it. It would be in their best interests to do so. But why would anyone want to read or watch something that’s about as exciting as reading a manual for a Holden Commodore? So what do you do?

You have to blind people with your brilliance and make it look so good that they can’t wait to read your report. Simple!

Most reports are something like this:

  • Title
  • Intro Paragraph
  • Another Paragraph
  • A Paragraph with some facts and figures
  • A graph of those facts and figures
  • Paragraph
  • There may be something of interest here, but no one will read it
  • Paragraph
  • Ok maybe jazz it up by banging in a cartoon
  • Finally we’re at the crux of the report paragraph
  • And let’s finally finish with a summarising paragraph

Oh come on! Who wants to read that? Would you?

Would you prefer to read something like this?

Make your report Sexy! (Yes, it's possible.)

or something like this?

Make your report Sexy! (Yes, it's possible.)

Did you see what we did there?  If you clicked on the first image you will have gone to our ‘Before and After’ page, showing you in each example where we transformed the mundane into sexy for that wow factor.  More interesting, more engaging.

Good quality images, colour, and an interesting layout will always be more interesting than a page of text and graphs.

But don’t get carried away. Too many colours and too many fonts can be as detrimental as not enough. If you employ more than 3 fonts and every title is a different colour (because they are ALL important so they ALL have to stand out), then none of them will stand out, and your reader may possibly start to feel a little queasy.  Remember the age old adage which still rings true as far as design goes: less is more.

Don’t just take our word for it, we do sexy for our clients all the time.

If you would like some help making your reports, proposals and presentations stand out in the crowd and create a buzz then do give us a call  

Now it’s your turn, have you seen something fabulous on YouTube or SlideShare that really stood out?  What impression did it leave you with?