Need an iPad app right now? Ask us how.

Need a simple iPad sales presentation or a fully integrated app? Now our partners at Digitize have pricing for every business and budget, it’s easier and more affordable than ever before. It can also fully integrate pretty much anything – plug in your other business software systems to manage marketing and sales. From contacts, emails and databases to tracking and analytics, this one app could change the way you operate for the good.

That’s why many of our clients are using their own apps internally as a management tool, as well as externally as a sales and marketing tool shared with the whole iDevice-using world via the iTunes store.

The boys at Digitize have been beavering away on some awesome new features, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites with you.

For apps-as-a-management tool

  • Secure user access management with individual logins
  • Add events to the iOS Calendar and synchronise on all devices.
  • Extra functionality added over time, included in the annual fees
  • Store your own files
  • Software As a Service pricing includes all software (iOS) updates, so no hidden surprises
  • No early termination fees

For apps-as-a-sales-tool

  • We’ll tailor the entire skin design to your brand – so it doesn’t look like a template
  • Live content and control
  • User can share and forward all kinds of media from within the App
  • Deploy your App in the Apple iTunes Store or in the Apple Newsstand
  • Unlimited Content

Best of all, we can have you up and running with your own App in a matter of days. Think it can’t be done? Go on – try us!