Results-boosting resolutions your business should make this New Year

New Year, New You, right? Nah, this isn’t the movies. In 2019, big, over-reaching resolutions are out and small, tangible goals that you can achieve early in the year are *so* in. It’s all about optimizing what you’ve already got, so read on to see what resolutions you can make for your business this year and actually keep.

 Review your files

At the start of the New Year, go through your company’s collateral and make sure it’s all up to date. Got any unused templates? Underperforming email scripts? Old CRM entries? Dump those out-dated files and organise your desktop to start the year with a tidy, streamlined, USEFUL set of tools that will support you and your business goals.

 Commit to speaking engagements

There are few things that can propel you and your business into the spotlight like public speaking. Not only do you get a chance to spruik your biz to a room full of captive listeners, your message and profile is also amplified thanks to the advertising you get from the organizers, sponsors and attendees. Feeling too nervous to get up in front of a crowd? Run your script by a copywriter or get your slides created by a pro – that way you’ll know that you’ll look amazing on stage, even if you don’t necessarily feel it.

 Do a brand audit

When was the last time you did a brand audit? We’re talking a total review of your business’s target market, competitors, positioning, offerings and values. This is something you really should be doing annually, and if you get it done early in the year, you’ll set yourself up for a much more focused and profitable 2019.

Do something with your testimonials

Do you collect testimonials? Perhaps to present to your stakeholders or to bump you up the rankings in Google? Well there are actually ways to make those testimonials work harder for you. For example, last year we started curating some case studies and included client testimonials. It’s a great way to round out a project and provide social proof to future clients.

Consider a homepage revamp

Do you have new product or service offerings this year? Maybe a new team member or new office location? Then you probably need to rework your homepage. Sure, your digital team are probably always rejigging your website, but the thing is, you don’t need a full rebrand to give your homepage a facelift – even if your website is up to date, chances are you’ve made some changes to your business recently that aren’t necessarily reflected on your homepage.

Update your presentation template

Are you still using the themes and templates provided by your presentation software? Sure, the basic kit serves a purpose, but if you’re relying on PowerPoint’s standard fonts, shapes and colours for your designs, chances are you’ve barely scraped the surface of what the software is actually capable of.

Investing in an editable presentation template that is modern and on-brand will allow you to present with pride anywhere from staff meetings to conferences (and you can finally banish drop shadows and gradients. Yuk!).

Ask your team’s New Years resolutions

We did this with our team and the answers were so interesting! At the end of 2018 we asked each team member to submit 1 professional and 1 personal goal for 2019. The question got us thinking and added an element of fun to the New Year, and the answers gave us greater insight into each other and will also allow us to keep one another accountable.

Did you read what some of our 2019 goals were in the January eNewsletter? If not, head to our Instagram page where we’ll be recapping (and sign up here to get the next eNewsletter).

If you need a fresh start to the New Year and want to get the most out of your collateral, contact us today.