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Ideaseed runs both onsite and virtual training sessions to introduce the MS Office templates available to your team, demonstrate how to get the most out of them, and provide useful tips for working in the Microsoft Office Suite of applications. And they don’t have to be templates developed by us, we’re more than happy to show you how to get the best out of your existing templates too.

We completely customise our Microsoft Office training content and delivery to suit the audience. You choose how and when the training is delivered.

Every member of the Ideaseed team is completely besotted with MS Office, and all we want is for everyone else to become acquainted with the object of our affection. Once you know how to properly use MS Office and can access all its functionalities, there is nothing you can’t do within that platform.

How does our MS Office training work?

  • We discuss your needs, audience and content, and build a tailored training plan to suit you
  • We coach using simple language without jargon, that’s easy to understand across all skill levels
  • From small groups of 4 right through to hundreds of attendees, we’re able to train teams across the board through both our onsite and online training sessions
  • Our templates are all supplied with comprehensive user manuals
  • Video tutorials are also available

Contact us now to discuss how we can bring a whole new world of productivity to your team through our MS Office training.