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If you’re not using video in your sales and marketing mix, you should be. Digital experts unanimously agree that it is the future of communication and content marketing.

Corporate video production is a core part of Ideaseed’s offering as we are firm believers in the power of video to reach, inform and influence. It adds a level of authority to your business and entertains your stakeholders in a way that words alone can’t.

Embarking on having a video made from scratch can feel like a daunting project, but at Ideaseed, we can take care of every single aspect that goes into corporate video production from project management to story boarding to voiceover, soundtrack and launch.

We can even package your video so it’s shareable on social media. Ready to go viral?

As a corporate video production agency, we offer:

  • Script writing
  • Directing
  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • Voice overs and talent management
  • Soundtracks (both stock and custom composed)

We create videos for many requirements including:

  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Feature demos
  • Customer testimonials
  • Whiteboard explainers
  • Regular explainers
  • Tutorials/guides
  • Seasonal greetings
  • Presentation intros
  • Live action
  • TV commercials

Make sure you’re taking advantage of the reach of video with our corporate video production service. If you’re not sure if video is right for you, get in touch and see if Ideaseed’s video production team can offer a solution that suits you.

And if you’d like to see one of our videos in action, check out the work we did for the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.