What do you do with ‘Big Data’

What do you do with 'Big Data'One of the current buzzwords is ‘Big Data’ – that is the massive sets of data that companies manage to accumulate over time. Turning that data into usable information – and business opportunities – is the goal. Repurposing this information into visual, relatable and palatable for reports or presentations can be a timely exercise. The last thing you want to do is invest in software that you may only use a handful of times. Well luckily there are web-based applications that can display your data.

Here are a few apps that may be just the ticket for your data:


There are two options here, free and paid. The free plan allows for data interactivity, public sharing and unlimited standard data see. When you upgrade to the paid options you get more features such as:  Private charts, custom templates, upload images and logos, download high-res images, unlimited live database connections, survey data sets, large data sets, chart-books, capture leads, branded chart-channels, mass report customization, and much more. iCharts allows you to upload any kind of data and is ideal if you want to use the tool internality but also is great in helping you brand your company.

Many Eyes

If you data is under 5MB and you don’t mind your data sets being made public, then this might work for you. Many Eyes is an experiment by IBM and allows you to visualize your data in various was such as : Scatterplots, Matrix Charts, Network Diagrams, Bar Charts, Block Histograms, Bubble Charts, Line Graphs, Stack Graphs, Pie Charts, Treemaps, Word Trees, Tag Clouds, and more.

Visualize Free 

This is a free hosted tool that you can upload your data sets to as well as give you access to publicly available datasets. It is a simple tool that uses a drag and drop system, or you can use tab-delimited data. Visualizations include: Charts, maps, diagrams, dashboards, and more.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is an attempt to rival Google’s computational knowledge. This is another Free or Paid option and with the pro subscription you can input your own data and have it spit out dynamic and interactive charts. You are limited to 20 unloads per month but you will receive much richer data results.

So now you have some options.  Your ‘big data’ won’t just sit in a file on your computer never to see the light of day. What do you have hiding in your archives that repurposed, can be used … either internally or externally?