Will your iPad app work offline?

I’ve written about iPad apps before but one area we haven’t covered is the ability to use your fab presentation or report offline. One of the biggest questions/fears/comments we get asked about is “Do I need the internet to make my baby squeal?” Well maybe no one has asked me that EXACT question, but there is a lot of fear about offline usage of your iPad app.

We all know that you can read books, play games, compose (but not send) emails, but what about your super important report app, will that work offline? The short answer is some cases yes. Although you will need an internet connection to download the app, that’s often as far as you need to go. Mind you if you are being super special and your app has connectivity with social media, then yes again you will need a connection. But that’s about it really. If you don’t have that feature, then you’re good to go anywhere you want.

We are well aware that there isn’t always a Wi-Fi hotspot around so we factor that in when we turn your brochure into a masterpiece. There is nothing worse than turning up to a venue to do a presentation only to have trouble connecting, we wouldn’t do that to you!

iPad apps are very powerful. Not only are they a lot of fun, but you can store your information within, converting your PDF’s and other material into an interactive dynamic presentation, that is NOT at the mercy of internet connectivity. Just imagine the possibilities? What about all the users on planes, trains, boats and cars interacting with your proposal, catalogue or report.

Of course let’s not forget how people can access it. It doesn’t matter if your shareholder is in Australia or Azerbaijan, if they have access to the iTunes store, then they can read your material. Everything’s possible folks.

Let’s not forget the massive benefit of producing an app. You will be doing a favour for the environment by not printing a thousand copies of your high-gloss, 100-page cure for insomnia. And as an added bonus, you’d be saving your business a pretty penny too.

So show-off, go for it! Wow the investors, impress those clients, take your business to the next level. Show how fabulous you are with an app!

We work with a fabulous product called Digitize to make it all happen. We’re pretty proud of what we can do, so let us show you what we can do with YOUR material. Connect with us here