20 facts about Ideaseed to celebrate 2020

  1. The name ‘Ideaseed’ has humble beginnings – it was the only version of a name with IDEA that hadn’t been registered already!
  2. We have 100+ blog posts on our website
  3. We currently have 22 team members
  4. That means we consume an estimated 44 coffees per work day!
  5. We’ve been in business for 12 years this year
  6. The biggest problem we solve for clients is reducing the amount of time spent producing beautiful, professional-looking, high-end collateral.
  7. We’ve created over 2,800 PowerPoint presentations
  8. We’ve worked across 17 industries
  9. We’ve built 4,500+ MSOffice templates
  10. Our template automation saves our clients an average of 900 working hours a week
  11. Our templates create over $1M of cost savings a year
  12. We currently have 3 free MS Office cheat sheets that you can download: MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint
  13. Ideaseed donates its skills to the charity Noosa Chances and our MD sits on its board.
  14. We put out a monthly newsletter called the Seed Feed. You can sign up here.
  15. Our team are based on 3 continents
  16. We have nearly 30 YouTube videos
  17. The main benefit of working with us is there’s no need to repeatedly go to a design agency for help as we hand the reigns over and allow clients to produce their own stunning collateral using everyday software.
  18. We have over 20 case studies on our website.
  19. Our favourite job ever was this ACMA cyberbullying video. We provided copywriting, design, animation, voice over, sound – the whole shebang– for a great cause and a wonderful team of people to work with.
  20. We’ve published over 50 articles on LinkedIn


If you’re interested in working with us this year, get in touch. We love helping our clients save time and look amazing.