Why you should choose a digital message over printed cards this Christmas

Get out your tinsel, put your elf on the shelf, Christmas is coming so prepare yourself!

Love it or hate it, Christmas is a prime time to market your business, make contact with your stakeholders and connect with your teams. Take advantage of it by creating a bespoke holiday season campaign that wishes people well, but more importantly, puts you at the top of the ‘nice list’ in the eyes of your audience!

What’s the best way to do this? Is a digital message enough, or should you send printed cards or gifts?

Well, at Ideaseed, we love creating unique, entertaining digital holiday campaigns. Here’s why.

A digital message is perfect for businesses that:

Are short of time.

Let’s be honest, it’s easier and faster to organise a last-minute e-card than custom made cards since you don’t need to worry about printing and distributing (not to mention finding physical addresses to deliver to. Yikes!).

Consider themselves eco-friendly.

With Australian supermarkets banning single-use plastic bags in 2018, wastage and recycling will surely be high on the Christmas lunch discussion list. If your company wants to be seen to be green, opt for digital messages and cards.

Have international clients.

Regardless of whether you want to mark Christmas specifically, the end of the year is still significant in many cultures. A digital message can be tweaked to suit your international audience, and also easily translated into different languages. We did this for Coca-Cola Amatil’s Indonesian branch – check out the case study on our website.

Value minimalism.

If your company is on a mission against ‘stuff’’, then live that message by sending digital gifts (e.g. vouchers, subscriptions, donations, helpful templates) rather than physical ones. Minimalism is really catching on so even if this isn’t a core value of yours, it might be for your audience so consider them first.

Are keen to save.

Digital campaigns definitely give you more bang for your baubles because not only do you save on printing and delivery, but you can repurpose your content across different channels like social media. And, if you have a cleverly crafted template, you can tweak it slightly and reuse it next year (ho ho ho).

Want to go viral.

Ok no promises, but a digital message like a video or motion graphic is definitely more likely to be seen and shared by more people than a physical card. A card is generally read by 1 person – it’s recipient – and then discarded. A digital message is created once, distributed to many and likely to be shared to even more people (if it’s funny or interesting).

If you want to encourage interaction, show you’re up with the times and reach the ever increasing digital audience, opt for a digital message such as video, microsite or festive email footer this Christmas and holiday season. And if you already have some hard copy collateral in mind that you want to repurpose into a digital product, get in touch, we can do that too.