8 Good Reasons to Automate your Templates

Still creating documents from scratch? Here are 8 good reasons to create robust templates:

1. Lock down your brand assets

Need a branded graph in just one click? Easy. An Excel template will allow you to build in and lock down brand assets like logos, colour themes and typography right within your charts.


2. Communicate a consistent corporate identity

Nothing says, “We are legit” more than a consistent corporate identity. The keyword is consistency, which is why using correctly built templates is a must-do. From PowerPoint presentations to Excel and proposals, your corporate identity will be communicated in one visual tone throughout all your collateral.


3. Save you time

If for no other reason, use templates to save time. Not having to worry about brand guidelines or styles gives you more time to focus on the content and message of the documents.


4. Automated functionality

Templates can be entirely effortless. Seriously. You tell us what you need and we’ll make sure our coders create a button to do it in just one click. From having content libraries right within your template, to being able to instantly create correctly sized and formatted charts, automated functionality will make all the difference.


5. Customised to suit your needs

With hundreds of different functions available, you can create templates that can include features like flash intros, videos and images.


6. It’ll make you (and your business) look good

Boring templates are a thing of the past. We’ll create your templates to look like the fancy InDesign documents you use for your “special” collateral, and then we’ll set them up to do whatever you need them to do in a fraction of the time. When your client needs something in a hurry, you’ll not only deliver it on time, but it’ll look amazing.


7. You can do it yourself

With a little bit of free time and some know-how, you can create your own templates. We’ve even put together some tips for you to do it here.


8. Or you can call in the pros

If you’re short on time and resources, give us a call. We’re awesome at this. We’ll get your templates done for you on time and on budget.