A clever design of your bid can make the difference in winning

A clever design of your bid can make the difference in winning

In today’s business world, content is key. Everyone needs to create, create, create! And convince with it. In theory.

In reality though, it is very hard to truly stand out from the crowd simply with your content. Particularly so when it comes to bids, tenders, contracts, annual reports and so on. When it comes to the maybe not-so-exciting stuff content-wise, what will help you to convince your reader is your visual presentation and creativity in regards to appearance.

Easier said than done, isn’t it? Fear not, we’re here to help. There are a couple of points to keep in mind. Points that will help you to design an outstanding bid proposal.

Put aside the thought of pure professionalism. We’re all in business, so let’s assume we’re all professionals. But we also want to have some fun, be creative and dynamic. Stand out! And sometimes to win a bid, you need to be courageous and just put yourself out there. So that it’s YOUR bid in the pile of many the reader will pull out first! First impressions and all that.

On that note, all of ​your bid presentations should reflect your brand, vision and values as best as possible. Use your colours, your designs, your fonts. Anything that is consistent to what you’re using everywhere else to create a degree of identification with your reader.​

Now you might think a very fancy design program or application to create anything decent. But that is far from the truth. Today, it is very possible to create some truly amazing presentations and professional looking documents with great features with the “standard” software Word and PowerPoint. Enter Ideaseed! We specialise in doing exactly that: creating beautiful, creative presentations and documents that your competition will envy and that will win you that next bid!

Content and design is sorted, now comes the material of the hard copy. Less it not always more. Sometimes spending a bit more on this aspect – and yes, I do mean money – will get you further. Again, it will reflect on your brand, your bid and the impression you’re making will be longer lasting. ​Seek out a printer who specialises in bids and tenders who can offer you a world of options in standing out​ from the crowd even more.

Having said all of this, do not get caught up in the design process to the detriment of your content. After all content is still key to winning the tender.

Get in contact with us to discuss how we can help you to ensure your next  submission blows them away.

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