Get the best-in-class productivity branding tools to easily enforce brand compliance across MS Office.

Ideaseed can create a suite of beautifully designed, on-brand MS Office templates – your choice of PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and Excel – to project your brand across all of your communications.

Using these templates (or your own) with empower® add-ins, we give you the power to embed brand compliancy and consistency across every MS Office presentation, document, signature or spreadsheet your organisation creates.

And the beauty is, everyone sees the benefit of empower®, so everyone embraces its use.

Productivity will go up and work satisfaction will too. Because in addition to ease and efficiency, what will sell your people on using empower® is the additional creative power it gives them to consistently present themselves, their work and your organisation at their best.

More than brand compliance, Ideaseed templates powered by empower® help you deliver brand brilliance.

What makes empower® so special?


Flexible options

You can get empower® slides, charts, docs, mails, sheets as a suite of add-ins or individually with flexible licensing plans.


Brand compliancy

The empower® Design Check tool analyzes a presentation against your design guidelines and examines the template, colors, fonts, bullets, logo protection area, and much more. You can correct all in one-click, or manually.


Ease of managing your brand

Anyone can access the right templates, slides, images, signatures and more. Integrates MS Office with your DAM.



Allows users to be 30% more efficient with instantly searchable, ready-to-use assets. And any updates to templates, slides, documents or spreadsheets can be updated organisation-wide at the click of a button.


Cross platform

empower® is available for Windows, macOS and Office Online in your browser and MS Teams. It offers the only PowerPoint productivity app with a native Mac application. No strange glitches for your Mac users.


A global technology leader

empower® is the most-used add-in suite for MS Office. It has the backing of 15 years of empower® innovation in productivity apps, and with over 1.5m customers, the most users globally.


Partners with Microsoft

Part of the Microsoft Compatibility Lab. Ensuring empower® is compatible with all the latest updates.


Trusted by the biggest brands

+Microsoft +BMW +Amazon +P&G +S&P Global +KPMG +Deloitte +Bayer