How to get the most out of Slideshare

how to make the most of slideshare

As the world’s largest online community for sharing presentations, Slideshare is the best platform to get your content some airtime, attract readers and build your brand story.

Whether you’re sharing a presentation, video, webinar, case study or brochure, Slideshare will connect you to an audience of millions. It’s the 273rd most popular site on the Internet, with some 33 million unique visitors every month. Here’s how you can get the most out of it:


Content is king

Make sure your content is the best it can possibly be. Use a catchy title, and create a striking first slide. Need help creating incredible content or repurposing an archived presentation? You’re at the right place.


Get SEO savvy

Most visitors to Slideshare are redirected from Google Search. Make sure your keywords match your potential clients’ problems, which will then land them on your content. Now it’s up to you to offer a unique solution. Need help with that?


Sharing is caring

What you want are readers. Get the ball rolling by sending links to your Slideshare content over email, embedding your linked content in your blog or website, and posting it to your social media platforms.

Quick tip: Slideshare works well with LinkedIn. Share your content easily with your professional network.


Engagement will get you everywhere

The more views and comments your Slideshare content receives, the more likely it’ll be featured on the site’s homepage. This is where you want to be. Encourage your Facebook and Twitter followers to share your content by engaging them in discussions. Answer queries and respond to comments.

Quick tip: whenever you respond to a comment, ask another question to keep the conversation going.


Embrace the community

With an average of 50 000 slideshows uploaded every week, Slideshare is a massive community. Get involved with other users by commenting on their content. Subscribe to them so that they in turn subscribe to you, and drive views to your presentation.



While a free account with Slideshare allows you to upload and share your content, a PRO account will give you more features to manage your content more effectively. Also, Slideshare is soon making PRO accounts free. With a PRO account you’ll be able to:

–    Measure your readership from the analytics dashboard

–    Monitor your content buzz on Twitter and Facebook

–    Convert viewers into leads

–    Remove ads

–    Customise your channel to match your brand identity


Lastly, whatever site you’re sharing your content on, it’s good manners to always practice gratitude. If someone has marked your content as their favourite, be sure to thank them for it.