How to Repurpose your Presentations (and Create Killer Content)

You’ve created a winning presentation. You’ve spent hours crafting, conceptualizing, researching and worrying over getting the balance right. And it’s paid off; claps on back, high fives, three cheers, you nailed it.

But now what?

Do you just leave it to one side and remember it fondly? Surely, if your presentation was a hit with your audience there’s a wider audience out there for it too? Yep, you bet there is.

Here at Ideaseed we’re all about repurposing. Sharing your presentation with new audiences is good for your brand and establishes brand leadership in your field. It helps you reach new markets and reinforces your message. Nothing wrong with that.

You’ve worked hard, the presentation looks fantastic, the content is awesome, now is the time to repurpose it. There are lots of ways to do this:

    1. E-books. E-books are a powerful marketing tool to share with your existing audience and build on a new one. You may need to edit the presentation content and reorganize it to fit a new format. But remember, you’ve already done the hard yards, a few tweaks should get you over the line. You can also publish for free on Amazon and then promote on LinkedIn and your email network.
    2. Webinar. You can add a voiceover narration to your presentation, record a video and share it on multiple platforms including Facebook and Youtube. Bearing in mind that YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, there’s great potential for reach. You could also include yourself in the presentation. Just borrow a tripod and some lighting, or if you’re feeling camera shy stay in your pyjamas and do a voice-over ; )
    3. Training and eLearning. Upskill within your business by repurposing and sharing the presentation internally. Turn it into a course that others can learn from. You may need to include some reading references and extra links for a layered experience. Convert the presentation to HTML5 or Scorm files for your system to help track and support your workforce. (We can help you with this)
    4. Get Blogging. If the thought of crafting a blog post turns you weak, don’t worry. You already have the content. Break out the presentation into blog worthy topics, rework (a quick edit should have you in a good spot), publish on your website and share on forums like LinkedIn. You’re starting a conversation, staying relevant and positioning your brand as an authority in its field.
    5. Social Media. Breathe more life into those beautiful stand-out slides. Export them as individual images and share to social media. Keep your posts short, and hash tags to a minimum. And remember to engage with your audience by keeping the chat lively. Social media users have a short attention span which is why powerful images work well.
    6. Slide Sharing. Upload your presentation to a professional content sharing community like and reach out to a global audience.
    7. Infographic. Again, another good tool for capturing a social media audience. Create a visually powerful slide (we can help) that sums up your presentation’s main findings with information and graphics. Instantly digestible, highly shareable, these infographics have the potential to go viral. It should link to your full presentation, or webinar and will increase site traffic. Winning!
    8. Podcast/Interviews/Media Releases. And all that other stuff… Remember with that awesome presentation you’ve worked so hard on, you’re now an expert in your chosen area. Reach out to others in your field and ask them to interview you. Do a guest slot on a podcast. People are always looking for new content. You have it. Release it.

You don’t have to do all of the points listed above you might get a good response from one or two. Either way you’ll be reaching a wider audience with work that you’re proud and passionate about. Fantastic. What a win. People love that passion and will respond positively. You can’t lose.