Infographics: The Useful Business Tool

A growing trend in business reporting and presenting is infographics. They are so important that we wrote about them a couple of months ago, and you’ll likely to see more from us about infographics in the future.

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What are infographics?

Infographics are a way to present your data in a graphic format that is easily interpreted. They tend to be more focussed on the design and can be static, moving or interactive. Interactive is perfect for tablet presentations in that you can present high level information initially, and the user can click through on the graphic to explore data where they want.  These are common now on digital news apps.

Why are they popular?

We are overloaded with information every day, both in our personal and business lives. Only 20% of text read is remembered. Infographics address this by simplifying your information down to something your audience is engaged with and remembers.

When you want to create compelling, attention-grabbing investor reports, tenders responses or presentations, clever use of graphics to present data is a perfect way to get across your message without drowning the reader in stats.

Many businesses find it difficult to move away from the standard table or chart format when presenting information. This can be due to lack of time or expertise in-house to get creative with the data.

Infographics can be multiple pages displaying your data in new and creative ways, or it can be a standalone A3 page to present at a meeting with the key highlights displayed.

Often with tender responses and investor reports it is necessary to present detailed information in tables, such as financial backing data. But what your audience really wants is to be able to skim through quickly and takeaway your key highlights.  The answer can be to use both: infographics at the beginning, and detailed tables in an appendix.

See some examples of our Infographics here.

If you need an infographic designer to bring your information to life, get in touch with us today. 

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