Is using a Microsoft Template a good idea?

You bet it is when you can make it engaging and interesting.A well designed and constructed template saves time, is great for company branding and ensures all marketing collateral sings from the same hymn book.But doesn’t the very word ‘Microsoft Template‘ mean that thousands of other people use it, which means it’s boring, and goes against all your branding and marketing?Definitely not!

These days we can create Microsoft templates to look exactly like the fancy InDesign documents you use for your “special” collateral. Also, all sorts of great shortcuts and time-saving buttons can be included in your template so it can literally mean saving hours creating a report.

You don’t have to slow down and create something new every time, plus you have control over the look and the feel of all documents that leave your department. In fact we would even go so far as to say it’s crucial to business efficiency and marketing.

When you’ve got a properly built template all you have to do is open it and fill in the text and any specific information. No need to waste time designing and fighting with margins, images and text boxes. It’s all been done for you. Just plonk in the content and you’re away.

It’s even possible to build a button that lists your favourite boilerplate text so there’s no need to go in search of it throughout your system. And it’s not only possible to make Word templates, but Excel and PowerPoint too.  We cannot stress enough about how much time it saves – something that everyone is short of these days. So yes, using a template is a fantastic idea.

If the idea of a template appeals but seems too hard; perhaps you don’t have the patience, skills or time, then give us a call. We create these puppies every day for very happy clients, from standard letters to comprehensive spreadsheets and presentations to proposal and report templates that do everything for you. All ensuring that there’s nothing boring about them and will indeed have the wow factor needed to keep your audience engaged.

Tell us your success stories with your own Microsoft templates … how have they made your professional life more professional?