MS Powerpoint 2013: 9 Tricks to Wow your Audience and You.

MS Powerpoint 2013: 9 Tricks to Wow your Audience and You.To finish off the trifecta (see the other posts here and here), here’s some snazzy tricks and tips for MS Office 2013 version of PowerPoint:

Creating a good presentation is the key to people paying attention, but creating the presentation needs to be easy and efficient; otherwise you’ll be stressed before you hit the stage.  These tips will help you create a super-duper preso in no time flat.


  1. Go Wide: If your display is a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, then create your slides to be 16:9 too. Find this in the Slide Size drop-down under the Design tab.
  2. Adjust your themes: You can choose your slideshow themes from the Design tab, but did you know you can customise these to make it your own by changing the colors, fonts and effects? Check out the Variations box.
  3. Get your Groove on: Add background music to play for the duration of the slideshow. Go to the Playback tab and then Play in Background option.
  4. Export as a Video: Select Export from the File menu and you can export your PowerPoint preso as an MP4 clip. Comes complete with transitions and media files.
  5. Embed it: Go to the upgraded PowerPoint web app to embed your slideshows anywhere on line. Embedding will also contain any transitions and animations.
  6. Presenter View: For more flexibility, the Presenter View for secondary screens allows you to do sweet things like zoom in on specific points on a slide.
  7. Pick your Colours: Don’t like the options available? From the Fill option you can use the Eyedropper tool to pick just the right colour from elsewhere in your presentation.
  8. Shapes: Select a few standard shapes then choose Merge Shapes under the Format tab, now you have a customized shape. Nice.
  9. Format Pane: Open the Format pane (right click an object, then select Format Shape) and it will automatically show options available for the selected object.

Are you happy to see how much customization that you can now do with Powerpoint 2013? Your presentations will look unique and with a bit of luck you won’t have a headache. However, if you would like us to create a snazzy preso for you, just get in contact and we will sort you out nice and fast (remember, we are here for you 24/7 … we really are!).