Paper vs Digital: For your Proposals and Reports

We are deep into the digital age, our kids are growing up with iPads, Smart Phones and glasses that make you act like R2D2!   But in the business world it appears we are still in love with our photocopiers and printers. The Paper/Digital debate has been going on for some time and is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon.

This debate also becomes an issue when it’s time to create any content intensive document such: as Annual Reports, a Tender or Bid Proposals, Expression of Interest etc

Originally, the drive away from printed materials was about keeping costs down. Printing 100 copies of a 200 page colour report or proposal can get costly, which is why digitizing initially became attractive, but there is more to it than that.

The most popular ways of digitizing your documents are:

  • PDFs – which can either be interactive or static
  • Digital Books, HTML websites and apps

HTML websites are the front runner of these options because of the ability to optimise them, the ability to easily share via a link and 100% updatable without having to reprint a lengthy document; plus of course you have the option to make them responsive for mobile devices.

But there are even more cool things you can do with digitized documents, not the least being the ability for your reader to interact with them. Your reader not only reads the content, but can watch videos, view galleries and even manipulate the material. Don’t you think people would be more inclined to remember what they read if they are clicking graphs to watch the numbers grow, or swiping a picture of the CEO to watch her deliver an ‘in person’ introduction? It is easier to get across a lot of information when you don’t have to read every word. It becomes more a ‘choose your own adventure’ type of document, which will keep your audience engaged.

Paper vs Digital: For your Proposals and ReportsSo have printed reports and proposals gone the way of the Dodo?

No, we don’t think they have, not yet. A company needs to get its information across to the audience in a manner that they understand and respond to. Therefore, it depends on who the audience is. I think as time goes on, however, more and more companies will only produce digitized versions of their documents. Right now, a combination seems to be the best option.

Ideaseed led the corporate digital ride by producing both printed and digitised annual reports (and not just reports!). We can help you create an impact on a desktop, a mobile device and of course on paper.

Whatever you need we can produce it for you in double quick time. We’re good like that.

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