The Role Design Plays in Marketing

The hidden power behind every successful marketing campaign is design. The purpose of design in marketing is to communicate and strengthen your branding as well as to emphasise a campaign message. Therefore, design plays an essential role in your marketing efforts.

What is design?

Design involves conceptualising and creating. It’s the purpose or planning behind what you want to achieve. It’s about the look and the function of your item or action. Understanding the objective is key for design to achieve the desired goal.

Design evokes emotion and can be psychologically compelling. It is an integral part of your branding having been used to create the colours, personalisation and consistency that lead to recognisability.

“Design is not just about designing the right thing, it’s also about designing things right.”

What is the role design plays?

All your material sends a message about your brand. When it comes to marketing, design communicates your brand. It does this by helping:

  • To tell your unique story
  • Support the goal of a campaign
  • Build credibility
  • Make your story accessible and comprehensible
  • Direct the viewer’s eye
  • To ensure your message resonates with your audience
  • Drive conversion

What to keep in mind

A marketing campaign has an end user so thought needs to be given to design that works for them. Think about who you are designing for. Design needs to be inclusive, not exclusive, so consider factors like age, internet access, responsiveness, colour contrast, readability, and need for global reach.

Another important design feature is having the right mix of text and image. This increases comprehension.

Why is design important?

Good design will strengthen a marketing campaign’s call to action while great design will have your audience acting on that call.

If you’d like some savvy design to boost your marketing strategy, get in touch with the team at Ideaseed. We understand the power of design.

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