Small steps to big successes – yes please!

Ever dreamt of winning an Oscar? Have you secretly rehearsed your acceptance speech? Have you figured out a place in the house to keep him? The bathroom? It says you’re modest and good-humored and everyone is guaranteed to stumble across it and be reminded of your incredible talent. Pride of place over the fireplace? A little bit braggy, but then again it’s your Oscar, you deserve to shout about it. The fact that you’ve never worked in the film industry shouldn’t stop your dreams. It might make it a little tricky to turn into a reality but details, details….right?

‘I’d like to thank the Academy…’

We’re all walking that red carpet with you. We all dream. We all have things in our lives that we want to change. It’s safe to say, we all want to be more successful in some way. So, let’s start, let’s look at how putting one foot in front of the other get’s us to the top of the mountain.

‘Make a choice, to take a chance, or your life will never change.’  Zig Ziglar

We choo-choo-choose to choose

If this is the year you’ve decided to make changes in your life, we’re with you. We have a list as long as Ariana Grande’s ponytail. We find that the first few months of the year are a good time to reset and renew. To take a look at our current lives and chew over what’s working, and what might work better. And to make a choice to make a choice, if that makes sense. We always want to move forward. Not making a decision, or waiting to make a decision and hoping it forces us into something, is a decision in itself. Round and around. So, this year we’re focused on choosing action, and making decisions to put us in the direction we want to go.

‘I’ve got this.’

Pick a point and sail towards it

Decide on the change – more money, more success, business growth. Be as specific as you can, write it down and focus on it. And then figure out your yellow brick road, how do you get to it? What does the path look like? We believe that flexibility with ideas and goals is key. The ultimate goal may change as you begin the journey, that’s ok. Maybe you thought you wanted to move house, but actually you just wanted a nicer kitchen – time for a home reno. Being flexible may bring a better outcome in the long term.

Softly, softly

Big changes can feel overwhelming, no one wants the rug pulled out from under them overnight. We’ve always heeded the advice to take small steps towards our goals. It might be a career change that involves going back to Uni. Instead of quitting your job, getting a tattoo and moving into bunk beds in a student house, maybe keep working and enroll in a part time course. You may lose some weekends, but your income is still solid and you won’t spend a fortune on a chiropractor.

Believe in you!

Yes, we can!

Now, we’re not ones for motivational speeches and high fives and bell ringing, but we do recognise the value of a pat on the back and a solid fist pump. It’s important to celebrate successes, big and small. Savor the moment of achievement, tell someone about it, and enjoy the success. You deserve it!

With all your new endeavours, as we venture into a better future, we wish you the best of luck, and we’ll see you at the finish line.