5 Microsoft Word Myths

At Ideaseed, we love Microsoft Word (and the whole Microsoft Office Suite) but we sometimes have a hard time convincing our clients that our love is justified. Let’s face it – MS Word gets a bit of a bad rap but to be honest, this is mostly based on assumptions that just aren’t true. So we’re here to debunk 5 Microsoft Word Myths and help you get the most out of its creativity-enhancing, time-saving, game-changing powers.

Myth 1: You can’t be creative in Microsoft Word

We’ve heard this one countless times: MS Word documents just look boring. It’s creatively restrictive. You need to look to other platforms to create well-designed documents. Word documentation can’t be made to look like the InDesign equivalent.

Actually, they can. If you do it right. At Ideaseed we specialise in transforming InDesign documents into robust and functional Word templates that remain fully editable. And perfectly beautiful.

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Myth 2: MS Word is unreliable and crashes all the time

Here’s a reason why your MS Word docs might crash: your templates haven’t been built correctly. If your templates haven’t been built correctly or aren’t being used properly, files can become corrupted.

Microsoft Word really is a user-friendly, robust system! All it takes to master it is some rock solid templates and perhaps some team training.

Have your Microsoft Word templates built correctly or get your team trained up on how to get the most out of MS Office.

Myth 3: Microsoft Word is too hard to use

Definitely a myth. MS Word is easy to use! Even the advanced features don’t require advanced skills. In fact, the more you make use of elements such as custom ribbons and automation, the simpler Word becomes.

When we build templates, we can create toolbars and shortcuts that are entirely customised for what you need to do, which allows you to simplify and streamline your processes, making MS Word a breeze to use.

Myth 4: It’s not worth the time it takes to learn MS Word features

Nonsense. Firstly, learning is always worthwhile and secondly, it doesn’t take long to up-skill in Word at all!

With the right training, your core set of people who manage documentation can be up-skilled with intensive training in just 1 day to become quicker and more efficient in Microsoft Word which SAVES time, not wastes it! As a result, their quality of work will be better and feelings of job satisfaction will be higher. Everyone wins.

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Myth 5: You get better results from InDesign than Microsoft Word

What sounds like a better ‘result’ to you:

  • having a document created in InDesign, a platform that none of your team uses, that looks great but requires a professional designer every time you need to change it, or
  • having that same document created in Microsoft Word, a platform that all your team has, that you can be edited in-house by anyone?

If you ask us, we’d go for the fully editable version that YOU control. It still looks highly-designed, it’s still on brand and it’s more affordable in every way.

You see, Ideaseed can make your Word documents look like InDesign documents. That way, you don’t lose the beauty of your branding and you don’t have to keep sending content to a designer to make changes.

Already had your corporate documents designed in InDesign? Never fear, we specialise in transferring any design created in InDesign into Microsoft Word.

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