Engage your Audience: With an MS Office Template

Engage your Audience: With an MS Office TemplateEngage your audience with a template? No, I’m not talking about a Word Template – although you can do very fine work with a Word template (if you’re not sure how, just give us a call).

I’m talking about another very powerful and widely used program called ‘PowerPoint’!  Now engaging your audience makes a little more sense right? But “really?” you say, “a PowerPoint template – are you sure?”

Quite sure.

Just like how any template you use around the office will save you time and headaches, using a template for PowerPoint is another no-brainer. But I’m not talking a PowerPoint deck with cheesy 90’s graphics with lots of swirls and pink and purple (unless of course that’s the look you’re really going for).  We’ve even searched long and hard for some free templates that will do the job better than the 90’s number you were considering.  You’re welcome!

But before we jump into those, a reminder. These are pre-designed templates and may not fit with your needs 100%, free is not always the best option.  Ideaseed know all about PowerPoint presentations and making customised templates for you. So if you really need to take it up to the top echelon, then get in contact with us.  Also, if you’re not sure what it is we can actually do for you – check out our portfolio.

Hard sell over and onto the good stuff.  Here are a few templates you might find useful:

Stairs Diagram  Just like the title says, a set of three slides showing multi-step progression diagrams (2007 and up).

City Background  Looking for a city themed background to your PowerPoint deck? Here’s one with a birdseye view. (2007 and up).

Labyrinth  This is a good template if your theme it strategy, solution development and problem-solving. (2007 and up).

Orange-and-Grey  This would work for presentations that focus on marketing, business and professional themes. There are 8 slide variants including service or product features. (2007 and up).

Gold Coins If you are talking money and especially profits, try this theme. (2007 and up).

Rising Trend  A chart based template using businessmen icons and a bright bar graph. (2007 and up).

Nature presentation, illustrated designIt’s colourful, and cartoonish depicting nature. A good one if your audience is young.

Electronics If your company is tech focused, here’s a theme based on microchips. Presenting io engineers or software developers? This one will work.

Circuit Board  Another tech focused one, this time featuring circuit boards. (PowerPoint2013)

Coffee Time If your presentation is about lifestyle themes or is restaurant based, this might work for you (2007 and up)

And it wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t talk wine….

Red Wine Again, if you’re in the dining or traveling business this one may work – or if you just want to tease your audience.

This is just a snippet of the free templates floating around for PowerPoint, handy but they are not crafted for just you.  If you want a personalised template – just talk to your presentation experts, the awesome design team at Ideaseed.