5 screen-free collateral ideas for your next marketing campaign

Screen Free. Digital Detox. Tech ban. Call it what you want but there is definitely a growing push for a more conscious approach to how we use technology in our day-to-day lives.

Families are getting on board. Many restaurants are too.

So in honour of Screen Free Week (which in 2019 runs from April 29 – May 5), we’re serving up some ideas for businesses that want a device-free solution to their marketing.

A Banner

According to the Outdoor Media Association, out-of-home advertising such as street banners are becoming more powerful thanks to urbanization. In fact, at 20.3%, audiences are growing faster than the population (13%).

This is a great way to get people to look up from their phones when they’re out and about and generate buzz for a launch or rebrand.

Check out an outdoor banner we designed for NixAnderson.

A Book

If you want an air of authority in your industry, there’s no better tool than a book. Not a novel or anything like that – we’re talking branded, beautifully designed, bound handbooks, guides and the like. Chances are, you and your team are the experts in your field. Prove that to the world by putting your knowledge down on paper.

Check out the handbook we created for Modern Dental Pacific.

A Brochure

In a sea of social media posts, hard copy marketing products such as brochures stand out. We’re being flooded with digital advertising to the point where we actually need a break – brochures give us this. They’re a novelty yet they’re trustworthy; a fantastic way to bring your brand to life, show the character of your staff and pique interest in your latest offering. They’re like a website you can touch.

Check out the brochure we created for NixAnderson.


Tailoring the packaging your product comes in is the perfect way to express your brand creatively. Even if you deliver and your product doesn’t have to stand out in a crowded shelf, there are still so many ways you can turn customers into fans through your packaging. It’s an ad in itself. It can offer ‘an experience’ and generate word of mouth, especially if it’s ‘Instagrammable’ or it can be kept.

Take Who Gives A Crap toilet paper, for example. They don’t just brand their boxes, they brand their wrapping and each individual toilet roll. They also encourage buyers to post fun ways their families use their empty boxes.

Tender documents

Submitting a tender document may seem like they’re all about the job you’re trying to land, but they’re actually the perfect opportunity to throw a little marketing in to the mix. After all, you’ve got a captive audience! From the colours you use to the type of covers you choose, there are so many ways to give them the best brand experience they could have. You should see a tender document as a touch point, and every touch point should express your brand.

Check out the hard copy tender response we created for Leighton’s Properties.