Inject your business with motion graphics!

You’re comfortable with PowerPoint, it works for your business – you’ve got your finger on that clicker button. Now you want to take your presentations to the next level. You’ve fiddled about with the Animation functionally, trying to insert a Hollywood action into your slide show, but it takes ages!

What you’re missing is motion graphics – the motion in your presentation ocean!

With motion graphics programmes like Adobe Flash, you can bring a variety of business materials to life – not just your PowerPoint slide shows. Update your business communications with dynamic content that gets noticed! Much like how you can’t take your eyes off digital Lara Croft (yes, gaming employs motions graphics a’plenty!).

Here are a couple of ideas for bringing motion graphics to your business:

  • Animated logo: your company logo can move and swirl on your website, showing your client that your business is so ready to leap into action, even your logo can’t stop fidgeting.
  • Corporate videos: you don’t have to hire a movie crew whip to film your vision, mission and company values video. You could use kinect typography (text in motion) to get the message across in a visually-compelling motion graphics clip.
  • Trade show reels: if motion graphics are good enough for TV commercials, you’d better believe they’ll sell, sell, and SELL your products and services at the next industry trade show.
  • ‘About Us’ presentation: it’s the one PowerPoint presentation you click through over and over as you showcase your business to new clients. Make it a masterpiece with motion graphics magic.
  • Banner adverts: have you seen those clever banner ads online? ‘Swat the ant!’ You click that poor ant with a virtual flyswatter, and you’re transported to the pest company’s website. There’s no reason you can’t do something just as clever.

You’ve got some ideas for setting your business comms in motion, now you just need to outsource to a good motion graphic artist.